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Red Star LX-5111M Capone 500 Executive Clay Chip Poker Set


Product Features

* Set includes case, chips, cards, dice, and a dealer marker
* 500 heavy, casino-sized clay poker chips
* Two decks of quality plastic-coated playing cards
* Five 19-millimeter dice
* Chips are true casino size and weight (11.5-grams and 40-millimeter diameter)

Product Description
The Red Star LX-5111M Capone 500 Executive Clay Chip Poker Set is a great gift item for any serious or casual poker player. The Capone 500 is a complete poker set that will be a perfect addition to any poker party. This high-quality chip set includes 500 casino-size and weight (11.5-grams and 40-millimeter diameter), clay, two-tone poker chips; two decks of quality plastic coated playing cards; dealer marker; and casino dice in a luxurious black anodized aluminum case.

These chips are genuine casino-quality look, feel, and weight with the exclusive Red Star laurel wreath design. Chips are clay-filled and heavy-weight for great look and feel. The chips come in six color denominations with primary color and white secondary scoring color. These chips are truly unique, and deliver a more enjoyable playing experience.

The chips are protected and carried in the sharp Capone case. This unique case design is made out of black anodized aluminum with ribbed sides and heavy chrome hardware. Inside reveals rich, soft red felt lined chip cradles, cover, and storage.

What's in the Box?
Aluminum case, 500 chips (100 white, 100 red, 100 green, 100 black, 50 yellow, and 50 purple), two decks of cards, five 19-millimeter translucent dice, oversized dealer marker

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