Get into poker online

Poker is one of the classic casino games and it has a rich and long history. Although most people would think the game had its origins in the Wild West because of all the poker playing scenes in westerns, it is actually thought to have come from the French game of poque. The game travelled over the Atlantic with French settlers who first made their new homes in New Orleans and then as people moved west, the game went with them.

poker chips

Today, the most popular variant of poker around is Texas Hold’em, and that’s mainly due to the number of people who play this version of poker online. For anyone who’s not played poker before, learning the game online is a great way to get experience of poker. Anyone who wants to play poker in a land-based casino should definitely get some practice in online first.

The advantage of playing online poker is that you can get some practice games for free when you first join a site like 32red. This is because when you start playing at 32red casino, you not only get a welcome bonus of $32 of gaming credit for every $10 you open your account with, but you also get six free entries to the poker freerolls as well.

Poker freeroll tournaments are where all the players take part without having to ‘buy-in’ to the game, so they aren’t risking any of their own money to play the tournament. However, there’s still a cash pot to play for – provided by the casino – so everyone plays to the best of their abilities as they want to win the pot. It’s a win-win situation for new players. You get to try out different strategies for the game of poker without risking any of your own money. And you never know, you may just come away with the cash pot and be able to build up your bankroll through the freerolls.

As well as the freeroll entries, new poker players on 32red also get six free entries to the New Player Turbo tournaments. This is similar to a freeroll, but the players have to pay $1 to enter the tournament. In return, they have a chance of winning the $500 pot put down by the site, plus all the $1 entries, of course! It’s another good way of getting experience of a high-value game without having to put much of a stake in yourself.

Once you’ve cut your teeth on the freerolls and similar tournaments, you can start to feel more confident about joining higher-stakes games, but until you’ve really gained a fair bit of experience, it’s best to seek out the games with the lowest buy-in, so that when luck’s not on your side, your losses are conservative ones.