Terms of use

We like all our visitors to enjoy the interactional behavior of this product and the sense of community which synergetic poker unambiguously furthers. We also make all the efforts to make sure that the user experience in the website is fun and not impaired by cheating or any wrong behavior.

Hence, we request all the players to concord to specific rules and regulation of the behavior and to assume duty for their own course of actions and those issues regarding the functioning of the products or cheating shall be solved by the Poker room management.

Some of the regions where you as a client can assist in this regard have been mentioned elsewhere. Here we set forth the important terms of use, which you are asked to agree when you install the software for poker room.

Poker Room Terms and Guidelines:

These rules and regulations which prevails between poker room client (referred to as Player or User) and pokeroddshelper.com. The poker room is hosted and controlled by pokeroddshelper.com. Along with taking these terms of use, players admit and concord to be adhered by the rules of the game of poker as changed from time to time by Poker Room.

Kindly read the arrangement cautiously and ensure that you comprehend all the contents completely. In case if you have any queries about the rights and duties resulting from accepting this agreement, kindly consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

The agreement shall be changed at any point of time, by us through posting on our website a new revised agreement or changes in the existing form.

This agreement is applicable apart from other agreement of terms of usage which applies between you and us in general or related to your user account or any particular service or product apart from Poker room.


The following terms when used along with the agreement, shall have the below meaning unless indicated otherwise clearly by the context.


This agreement covers the arrangements between you and us in relation to your use of the Poker Room either for playing the fun poker games. The game rules are placed in the section of ”House Rules” of the sit and also in other parts of the website which is inclusive of but not restricted to the tournaments, rules describing the game play and other rules which control the event or the game.


3.1. You could only make use of the site if you are of age that is legally permitted to gamble as mentioned by the jurisdiction where you reside.

3.2. You are not permitted to use the website in case if your age is less than 18 years at any situation.

3.3. Several legal territories have not mentioned the rules and laws about online gambling and others have made gambling online illegal in their jurisdiction. We do not mean to make the users visit the website illegally. The website availability does not tempt an invitation to use the website in any jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal. You are solely responsible to find whether it is permissible to gamble online before using our website.