Poker Tournaments

A poker tournament is where players compete for a common prize while playing the game of poker. This game can feature from two players to any amount of players usually playing on a table. In poker tournaments there are usually thousands of these tables and the winner will be the player that wins every poker chip in the game. Some tournaments may also reward the other players. Besides major tournaments, there are also local ones, hosted by some brands like Williamhillpoker.

Variants of Poker Tournaments

  • Some poker tournaments provide a mix of games and this will include Omaha, Stud, Stud Eight, Hold ém and Razz.
  • In other tournaments players are given a dealer’s choice where they can choose from a menu of games and in most cases there is one form of stud. Texas Hold’em and Omaha tournaments are usually provided in fixed limit, no limit and pot limit.
  • Sit and Go’s is another type of poker tournaments. These tournaments must begin at a scheduled time and this means that no matter how many players have registered for this tournament, if they are not present at the scheduled time the game will start without them. These types of tournaments usually consist of 2,6,9,10,12,18,24,27,36,45,90,100 or 180 players and are formatted the same as regular tournaments where everyone starts with the same amount of chips and go for the same amount. Each player is supposed to play until they finish all their chips. According to the position of each player, they may win or not win something. In some sit and go’s poker tournaments the winner will take home all the prize money. In these types of tournaments the antes and blinds are increased every 15 minutes. There are however some sit and go’s tournaments that dot increase their blinds which will require more skills from players for them to end up as winners and this is because players will not be forced to play mediocre hands due to the big antes and blinds.

Major Tournaments

There have been many poker tournaments organised in the past and it is only fair if some of the best are listed.

  • The two largest poker tournaments in the US to date are World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour Championship both held in Las Vegas. The world series of poker has been held in different casinos and it started at Binions Horseshoe casino then moved to Benny’s Bullpen and then to Harrah’s Entertainment Property and today it is held at the Rio since 2005.
  • There was also the Super Bowl of Poker in 1980 which was the second largest as well as the most prestigious poker tournament.
  • The largest poker tournament in Europe is known as European Poker Tour that was founded in 2004 by John Duthie.
  • Asia Pacific Poker Tour Macau even is the largest poker tournament in Asia.
  • Latin American Poker Tour Argentina event is the largest and well known poker tournament in Latin America.
  • The largest poker tournament in the Pacific region is the Crown Australian Poker Championship also referred to as Aussie Millions.