Theirs No Getting Tired In Poker

Poker is a game that can get tiring, but true poker players can tough it out.  It takes time to play poker, and there is no excuse for quitting.  You might hear some people say that players make critical mistakes when they get fatigued.  Well that maybe accurate, but many people make those same mistakes when they are wide awake to.  Is it rue that players are unable to concentrate when they get sleepy?  I figure that if the average poker player can concentrate when they are under the influence of beer, then they can find a way to play when they are a little sleepy.  The other point that they are going to try and make you believe is that you are going to lose your focus when you get tired.  I would like to know where they think that it is going to go.

Learn truth from myth

The truth of the matter is that some players might not be at the top of their game after a while, but others tend to play harder when they are tired.  If you are in a tournament, and you have been playing for six hours straight, then you are going to get fatigued.  However, you have to understand that long poker sessions mean that you are playing with success.  Poker is a very unpredictable game, and you do not want to throw in the towel to early.  What is the point of playing for hours and building up a substantial chip lead, just to give up in the end?  The bigger question would is: do I even have to answer that for you.  The trick with fatigue is that you have to find a way to get around it.  Push through it, and push hard.  It is not going to be practical, or beneficial if you just give in to the tired feelings.  The best thing that you can do in this situation is to just keep playing.  Focus on the win, which is why you decided to play in the first place.  If you think that your playing strategy is being compromised, you might decide to sit out for a few hands, and regain your composure.  Always regroup, and get back in the action.  Nothing can take the fatigue way faster, than a great comeback hand.  In a tournament poker challenge, it is always important for you to play as long as you possibly can.  Usually in those games, you do not have to be the finisher to win money.  The farther that you get in the game, the more cash that you will win.  Can you imagine giving up perfectly good money?  If you can not, then you do not need to quit.  Ultimately, that is what you would be doing.  If you stay alert enough to focus on your own poker ability, then you are going to win out over fatigue any day of the week.  Get your motor running, by pulling in some pots.  You are going to be so excited, that the tiredness will be a thing of the past.  You have to watch out for bad advice in poker.  Some people will want you to give up, so that it will increase their own chances of winning big.  Follow your gut, and you will be just fine.